Dylan just said what Jeff never had the guts to say and I guess this just settles everything for Season 4 and future seasons: Stydia vs Stalia and no Sterek or bi!Stiles.

TVLINE | Yikes. Let’s shift gears to happier things, like Stiles’ love life. Where does his heart lie right now?
Right now, Lydia is the girl for him. He’s always been in love with her and she has such a big place in his heart. She’s made it clear that she doesn’t love him back, and I think he’s gotten to a good place with that. He’s comfortable with loving her from a distance; he doesn’t need to force her to love him back. Ultimately, he just wants her to be happy. He’s growing a lot — especially this season — as he transitions from a teenager to a young adult, where he understands he can’t control how other people feel. She can still have a special place in his heart. It’s not all or nothing.

TVLINE | And Malia?

She’s probably the only person who actually made him feel good this season, with everything he’s been going through. I think they share a lot of things, innocence mostly. They’re cute together. Obviously there hasn’t been much between them this season — she’s going to play more into next season. The finale is very much a Stiles-Lydia finale. You see the connection, which is what I love about them. They haven’t had a real relationship, but they care about each other.

TVLINE | Is Malia in the finale? We haven’t seen her since that magical night at Eichen House.

I don’t believe she’s in the finale, but she is a Season 4 regular, so she’ll become a part of the pack. The finale really has more to do with getting rid of the spirit.

TVLINE | There was also that throwaway line earlier in 3B where Caitlin asks Stiles if he likes guys — and he pauses. Did that mean anything?

That was nothing, really. Stiles isn’t gay, and he knows that, but what I love about him is that he’s even open to reacting that way to a question. He doesn’t have to jump into a defensive thing; he’s just so honest. He’s clearly not gay — I’ve never thought the character was — but he also looks at people as people. He doesn’t associate gay and not gay, but he knows he likes girls. [Laughs] It definitely created a whole thing, though.

TVLINE | I recently asked Tyler Posey about his thoughts on ‘Sterek.’ How do you feel about that particular ship?

[Laughs] I saw that. People were calling him homophobic, which is crazy. In the past, anytime I’ve spoken about [Sterek], I feel like it’s come out wrong. And I think he was more reacting to that idea, that we’re constantly asked about it. But it is a big thing, and we support it. We support everything the fans like, and however they love the show is how they love the show. We love that, and Tyler also feels that way, there’s no doubt about it. There’s no better person in the world than that guy. He’s the best.

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TylerL_Hoechlin Alright, a preview of the November page in the #ReflectItBack #MirrorCalendar .. Buy yours at [x]
TylerL_Hoechlin Alright, a preview of the November page in the #ReflectItBack #MirrorCalendar .. Buy yours at [x]

Whoa I missed a lot in the superntaural fandom when I was gone  this weekend

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