Anonymous asked: "fics that really impressed you??"

These stories impressed me on a deeper level than most.

Named dean/castiel, r, 95k
Summary: Jesus Christ is dead. Somehow, that isn’t the worst part of Dean’s week.

Sharpened and Clean dean/castiel, pg-13, 2k
Summary: He looks down at his stupid arms that are still fixing themselves and wonders if it’s too early to saw off the hand part of the cast.

Illocutionary Force dean/castiel pre-slash, pg-13, 2k
Summary: It’s not the words that matter, but the meaning behind them.

Time on My Hands dean/casteiel, nc-17, 25k
Summary: Raphael traps Dean and Cas in 1943.

This Many gen, pg, 1.3k
Summary: An angel’s education on very small things through friends and whisky.

Overcome dean/castiel, pg-13, 6k
Summary: The moment you stop waiting, the thing you have been wanting all your life appears. Except Dean technically wasn’t waiting, and Castiel was too busy to have much time for pining; so it’s only the moment they meet that they realise what they have been missing all their lives.

Homes, Places We’ve Grown dean/castiel, pg, 3k
Summary: Looking back, Sam finds it oddly appropriate that Dean finally found his faith in the form of a fallen angel.

A Rain of Feathers dean/castiel, nc-17, 7k
Summary: Sex pollen Angel!Porn with a plot. No, seriously.

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