I tried to do Holland’s hair from the latest teen wolf episode but I FAILED

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  1. beautifulmonster said: HOW DID YOU MANAGE THAT THOUGH?
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  3. marchingcat said: Your hair is gorgeous like that and to be really quite honest if you’d consider posting a tutorial or a quick step-by-step of how you did it, that would melt my heart and totally make my day! I’d been eyeing Holland’s hair all episode, so perf
  4. chrisoptophobia said: no! it looks really good
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  7. nanoochka said: What! It looks awesome in the first 2 pics. Maybe you pulled out too much hair close to the front in the last 2 (or the angle is different) but otherwise these are perfect Heidi braids. I do them all the time when I’m too lazy to blowdry.
  8. princess-adams said: U TOTALLY SUCCEEDED
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