I just had like, a vision of the pack playing spin the bottle and Derek being pushed into playing and being all disgruntled about it and complaining about not wanting to play but his pack pushes him into spinning and it landing on Stiles and everyone starts laughing and Stiles being like “oh my god he’s gonna rip my face off” but suddenly Derek just pushes himself into Stiles’s space and lays one on him and everything goes quiet and tense and Derek just walks out

and Stiles is like

what just happened

AKA: A thing that I want.



(Derek agreeing to play dumb games because he never got to as a teenager is one of my favorite headcanons.)

EDIT: I kind of want it to be Stiles who spins Derek though IDK imagine the balls that would take. STILES HAS THOSE BALLS.

I’ve only run across a few fics featuring party games (and they’re all great) but none of them have been that penultimate fic, you know?

And you’re totally right. Stiles would kiss Derek. And he’s be offended that Derek didn’t want to kiss him so he’d make it absolutely the best kiss and Derek would be stunned that it wasn’t horrible.

Because Stiles is so flaily and fidgety and weirdly graceless he thought he’d be sloppy and overly enthusiastic but instead it was awesome and it takes him a few seconds to recover enough to get the scowl back on his face.

And then he runs off and everyone is like, “UGH, Don’t worry Stiles, Derek is a tool!”  But Stiles is SMUG actually, because he saw Derek’s recation.

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