honestly if i ever have a serious relationship with someone, i can’t wait to expose them to the circus that is my family’s thanksgiving/family reunion celebration, which includes up to 60+ of us in a rented out warehouse with an actual smorgasbord of all the traditional turkey day foods imaginable, and them having to meet every single one of the people there

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angelaaaaa replied to your post: i asked my mom last night how old i lo…

I’m so happy we’re the same age…maybe it’s naive of me but I always find myself assuming that everyone in the teen wolf fandom is around 14-17. 😊😊😊😊

that’s definitely the age mtv WANTS their core audience to be.

jokes on them though


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i asked my mom last night how old i look and she was like “16 years old. no… 17. you’ll always be 17 years old to me. maybe i’ll see you as 27 when you’re 57”

thanks mom

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 What would you love to see happen play out in season 5?

i have never experienced an earthquake and i’m kinda weirded out by the fact that the ground is supposed to just MOVE



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Rustic Homestead, Upstate New York


NASA astronaut films lightning from ISS

Astronaut Reid Wiseman posted a Vine from the International Space Station today showing lightning over Houston.

Tornado warnings were issued in the Houston area earlier this afternoon but have since expired.

Michael Pitt by Samantha Casolari for The Brooklyn Magazine

a reenactment of when i rewatched road to perdition and found out tyler hoechlin was the cutie patootie son of tom hanks

this has been buried in my drafts omg

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13 Striking Portraits That Challenge Society’s Views of Sikh Men

1. Gurjeevan Singh Plahe

2. Magic Singh - Magician

3. Asa Singh - Highway Planner

4. Gurbir Singh - Polo Player

5. Chaz Singh Fliy - Creative Director

6. Ishtmeet Singh Phull - Student

7. Roop Singh - Sikh Storyteller

8. Darshan Singh Bhooi - Retired Businessman

9. Amanpreet Singh - Temple Volunteer

10. Hardeep Singh Kohli - Comedian, Writer, Presenter

Project by Amit & Naroop via Identities.Mic