"What’s your plan?"
"To distract her."
"How? By punching her in the face?"



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AU where Scott and his pack take the money they found and leave Beacon Hills forever

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I keep seeing people saying that the money Scott took is blood money but ultimately it’s Derek’s money isn’t it

I’m here for all of this

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Might want a heist AU where Scott and Stiles steal the Hale family money and Derek, who is a cop, goes after them.

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Anonymous asked: "Howdy HS! So I've started watching In the Flesh. I've already cried and I'm not even done with the first episode. Should I fall for this show because of you, JUST AS I FELL FOR TEEN WOLF BECAUSE OF YOU, THEN....I will say thanks! Hope all is well in TX! Ta & tata from Canada, CK x-)"

I’m so glad you like the show, CK! All is definitely well in Texas at the moment. It finally decided to get hot (which I’m not thrilled about) but oh well!

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Anonymous asked: "Hi! I have an annoying(probably) question. Is The Fall(TV show) any good? I'm looking for new things to watch."

It’s good, it’s a very uncomfortable show. As in, you will be uncomfortable watching it because of certain scenes and situations. But I think the themes it deals with should be talked about. One of the big themes of the show is how men treat and view women as inferior objects.

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Tyler Hoechlin for August Man Malaysia August 2014 issue.(x)

maliahale replied to your post: I keep seeing people saying that the m…

yes but you can’t convince me that derek wouldn’t be like “here pay mama’s bills then keep a few mil for play money”


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